How to Grow Taller During Puberty

Monday, April 28th 2014. | Blog

Everyone would crave the ideal body shape. Higher ideal body shape of a person means a person with no more and no less than the height of most people. If someone has a height that is not the same as the average person in the vicinity, it can cause a person lack of confidence. That is why, for those of you who want to have ideal height, it is advisable to make every effort to obtain the ideal height in growth period. How to grow taller during puberty is a reference for those of you who want to appear more attractive with ideal height.

How to Grow Taller During Puberty

The things that need to be considered to help you grow taller

One important thing you should know is someone has the best time to grow is called by growth period. Puberty is the age of growth so that at this age a person will grow rapidly. Puberty usually begins in our lives since the age of 8 to 9 years and will end approximately at the age of 15 to 16 years. That is an excellent time to maximize growth and one of them is to increase the height of the body.
Before you know more about how to grow taller during puberty, you have to know that during this period a person can grow maximally when getting nutrition and proper exercise. Although the genes of the parents often affect a person’s height, but by balanced nutrition and proper sports will help make your body higher than your parents. So, do not despair if your parents are short but just strive in your gold growth period and you will look more attractive.
The way how to grow taller after puberty

  • Meet the nutritional needs of the body

Puberty is a golden age that must be used well. One of the important things that you should consider to help your body grows taller is to provide good nutrition and enough for your body. You are strongly advised to consume more food or drink that contains high calcium. High-calcium foods and beverages are as minerals that are needed by the bones, so they will be nice to help the development of your bone. So how to grow taller during puberty can be maximized if you meet the requirement of calcium in your body.

There are some kinds of foods that contain essential nutrients for the growth of your bones. From some of these foods, carbohydrate is one of them.
Carbohydrates are needed by your body as an energy source. Protein also becomes very important because it can help muscle growth. Do not forget to consume nutritional intake of minerals that are contained in milk, fruit, and vegetables

  • Doing exercises regularly

The next way how to grow taller during puberty is by doing exercises that can help stimulate the bone growth. The research results have shown that people who regularly exercise can stimulate muscle growth, so that it can raise the height. This means that the sports activities you do will largely determine your height.
There are several kinds of sports that you can do during puberty will help you grow taller. The exercises will help you to stimulate growth hormone in order to work faster. There are many types of sports that you can do to help your bones continue to grow since puberty. Some kinds of sports are badminton, gymnastics floor, basketball, volley ball, swimming, cycling, and there are several other sports. More and more you exercise will help to trigger the release of growth hormone. This is certainly a way how to grow taller during puberty that you can do.

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